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It all started with a computer, a mic, and a recorder. In elementrary school I started recording parody commericals and songs... sung badly. Fast forward starting with an internship at KZPS (Classic Rock) in Dallas, to Y95 (CHR), and then the radio gypsy montoge, from Texas to Arkansas to the west coast, then up to Michigan where I took over Production and Imaging for WYCD in 2000. Along the way I've been a programmer, morning guy, night guy, and everything in between... but it was almost preordained I would end up. Today proudly crafting the imaging and sound design of 104.3 WOMC and 99.5 WYCD, along with a select group of clients stations who chose me to be their voice. It's been a great ride, hop in, we're having fun!


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As a Radio Imaging guy my self I "get it".

And I know there's nothing worst the a lazy voice guy/girl, with an attitude...

so I, Terry Phillips promise you:


  • Never a Phoned In Read
  • No Attitude you don't want in Sessions
  • Added Takes and Ideas, when you want them
  • and I'll actually try to catch problems and Typos... (rather than reading something that doesn't make sense!)


I know the annoying Voice Guy/Gal habits that drive Producers Crazy, and I will always try to make You, and Your Station stand out in your market. hab