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Both Sides of the Fence 1: Dear Voice Artist

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The grass is always greener they say… Over the last year, I’ve had more and more chances to see things from more than one side… 13 plus years with CBS Radio, AND I’m now taking on freelance Voice Over clients (thus the two sides).

I wouldn’t change a moment with CBS, I’ve worked with some of the best Voice Over artists, programmers, and yes some astoundingly suburb Market Managers/GMs and don’t plan on stopping as long as they will have me. And am having a blast being the voice for some amazing stations, big, small, near and far away.

But additionally this have given a new to me view from both sides. So I thought it might be useful to share the view from both sides…

Dear Voice Over dewd and/or doodette:

The Production/Imaging person you’re dealing with is also BUSY. Most often they have a couple of other stations and/or commercials and/or an air shift. Soooo remember:

  • Typos are not because they’re stupid or lazy, 99% just trying to get you the script/details quickly (or worse got them late/too busy and trying to make Your deadline), Sooooooooo…..
  • DON’T make fun of them and SEND IT TO THEM!!!!
  • DON’T think producers cannot hear your eye roll (we can).
  • DON’T think it’s not caring about you or the station
  • Pronunciation… sometimes guides are not included in the script, DOH, Sooooooo…
  • DON’T read it just one way if you think there could be another
  • DON’T get mad if asked to recut that line
  • BUT DO remind your stations that you want to read it right, they want it read right, so include a dang Pronunciation guide
  • Script is the D@mn wrong font / to small / not double spaced…GRRRRR!  Most times, it’s either a habit they had before you got there, the way they were taught, and/or the way “everyone” in the building does it. Soooooo…
  • DO ask stations to provide it the way you want it
  • DO Explain and remind why
  • DON’T think they don’t care, or don’t like you
  • Station XXXX wants sooo much / is so last minute / writes like $%*!
  • DON’T rush through their stuff
  • DON’T get hung up on negative stuff in your head about that station! (it will come out in your reads!)
  • DO try to get to know the station/writer/producer if possible. Even just a little bit of contact, like asking for the produced piece and really listen to how they used your voice, can help you make them happy… and as a bonus, you sound better… for them, and their ratings. Which gives you better Demo content, AND more CLIENTS!
  • DO offer “ALT” takes on their script and writing sugestions… kindly and carefully, OR just deal with it.
  • DON’T ignore copy instructions, just cause you are busy (it will save you time in the long run with recuts or finding new clients cause you read it wrong!!!)
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