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Country Imaging, or selling Pickles to Penguins

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Sometimes that’s what I feel like I’m doing, selling Pickles to a Penguin. Sound strange?

Country imaging to start with is a bit of a Pickle, misunderstood by many, often described by referencing different formats, rather than talking about what it is, and how it communicates with the audience (the Penguin)...

Or, in my little corner of the world, the daily challenge of taking loose information (the Pickle), and writing, voicing (or getting a outside voice to read), and producing it quickly… from Making “Math Fun” in a Country Squared weekend (Thompson Square tickets), to producing my 301st Toby Keith imaging element, and trying to find a way to be different/fun every time and avoid topic burnout (NOT KIDDING, including 76 promos)… and keeping the focus on the ONE place it belongs… the listener.1

***Here is where we get to the Opinion part, feel free to have your own, and even email me with differences***

Whether it’s what Country Imaging “IS”, or the daily grind, to me it’s Pickles for a Penguin. Finding a way to tie things together. Finding a way to introduce things to the audience. And never forgetting to keep it fun. After all that’s why people listen.

Country imaging is NOT “CHR with a Twang”, or kinda like Hot AC… it’s a wonderful thing, where fart jokes and family values sit at the same table, where beers are for horses, grandma’s tell of good ole days, and songs about Dogs AND Homeboys, just work. The inspiration is in the life style, the music, the stories, and the people… Sure you can hear some neat things, cleaver lines, and get ideas from other formats. But Country Radio has a loyalty that CHR dreams of having, that Hot AC wishes for, because it’s DIFFERENT.

You see, I’m lucky; my CBS stations in Detroit give me a level of creative freedom that’s not only rare, it’s unheard of. I’m blessed. And if I have learned just one thing from selling Country Music to Detroit, it’s that Penguins can LOVE Pickles, you just need to speak their language…

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