Jeff Davis Recommends Terry Phillips

"I've worked with production wizards on four continents. I've had the pleasure of working with some of the brightest and best in the business. Few of them even come close to the brilliance of Terry Phillips.

The body of work he has generated in numerous disciplines from eargasmic audio for broadcast on Radio, to eye-popping visual production for Television, is mind-boggling.

It has probably been said before but I don't know when the man sleeps!

Terry Phillips is one of the most talented people I've ever known. As a provider of voice work for CBS's WOMC/Detroit, I've worked with Terry for several years- I work with many stations in the U.S. and Canada- and of all the talents I work with, he is at the top. The level of creative output and the fact that he is a great voice talent is just astounding. Some of the best, most exciting work for radio imaging has come from his nonlinear mind. Very few people I've ever known (and I've been in Broadcasting a long time) have the ability to consistently perform on the level he does every day. Terry Phillips is, in a word, "brilliant."

Working with Terry Phillips is one of the bright spots of my week because he is a real broadcaster whose enthusiasm is incredible and I'm sure it has a positive impact on all who work with him."

Jeff Davis- Voice Overs, Getting it Said